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Connecting to the ELD (iPhone®/iPad®)

Make sure that the ELD is on.  This is denoted by seeing the LED indicator lights on the front of the device. No lights = No Power.

Start the vehicle (turn on the engine, not just power).


The Bluetooth area is actually a setting on your iPhone®/iPad®. The ELD device will work (when turned-on) to send a Bluetooth signal. It can then be identified and paired.


Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your iPhone®/iPad®.


Review the devices listed.  Find your ELD and tap on it to pair (this may be listed as the vehicle number, or the serial number of the ELD if it has not been configured yet).

  • If the ELD is not listed here, press the bluetooth pairing button on the front of the ELD next to the LED indicator lights. This will either be a gray button, or a raised black button depending on the generation of ELD being used.  Press this button and hold it in until the blue LED indicator light turns solid and then begins to flash. Once flashing, release the button.  The device should then display in the list to be able to tap on it to pair.


Once it shows Connected next to the device, log in to the ELD application.

If the ELD has not been connected to yet with this device, Encompass® ELD will prompt for ELD Discovery after login.  Tap Discover.


Select the ELD by tapping on it to have a checkmark display to the right of the device, and press Activate.


Once Activated, if this is the ELD that is used most often, the slider can be turned on to Set Default ELD. Then, press Done in the upper right.



If the driver connects to the ELD while the vehicle is in motion, the hours of service clocks will immediately be displayed on the screen upon connecting.  Once the vehicle is stopped, the driver will be prompted with the option to add trailer and shipment information to their log.







If that doesn't work?

  • Is there anyone around you with the application who might be paired with your ELD by mistake?
    • This can easily happen without being aware...
    • You'll need to release it from the other handheld to make the ELD available.
  • Did you happen to use a different handheld the day before?  
    • If so, the ELD might still be paired with that handheld.
    • You'll need to release it from the other handheld to make the ELD available.
  • Are there any lights emitting from the ELD?  
    • If not, the ELD isn't getting power from the vehicle. Check the connections with the ELD to the truck.
  • Is your battery low on your handheld? This can affect pairing performance.
    • If yes, you'll want to recharge your handheld.
  • Is your Bluetooth settings area on?  
    • This requires going out to your Settings/Buetooth area of your handheld to check.
    • If no, turn the Bluetooth settings area on.  Then try "Discover" in the application.
    • If your Bluetooth settings are already on, can you see your ELD on the listing of devices your handheld recognizes?
      • If yes, go back to the application and try "Discover" again.
      • If no, it sometimes helps to turn Bluetooth off and then on again to reboot it.
        • Also, you can press the raised black button on the ELD to have the ELD refresh the Bluetooth signal.
        • Also, you can try powering down and powering back up the handheld.

If still unable to connect, please reach out to Client Service Support.

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