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Using the Compliance Network Institute

The J. J. Keller Institute is a subject-based content repository containing detailed best practices information on 120+ topics across major markets. Essentially, it is an encyclopedia of all the fundamental knowledge a member may need on a certain compliance topic. Members can also use the content available in the J. J. Keller Institute to pursue their own professional development. These resources are designed to help members understand subjects on a more practical, application-based level. The Institute is available to Compliance Network professional trials and those with memberships

Based on your professional area of focus selection in your profile builder, a variety of subjects are displayed for quick access. (In the example below, the user selected Environmental as their professional focus; thus, Compliance Network will display content relevant to the Environmental subject.) 


Click on a subject card to learn more information about that specific area. To view additional subjects in areas such as Transportation, Safety & Health, or Human Resources, click Search All Subjects .




Next, you are brought to the subject's main page. This includes an introduction to the subject and a menu of options to select various content.


On the left hand side, you will find five categories: Foundational Learning, Learning Resources, In-Depth Analysis, Test Yourself, and Regsense Topics.


Foundational Learning

This section provides a plethora of information related to the subject. Click on the top "card" to open the learning path.

From here, you can read more about the subject and dive into further details. Use the menu on the left-hand side, or click the > arrow to progress through the content.


*Click < Main Menu to return to the subject's main page.

Learning Resources

Charts, Fact Files, How-To Guides, etc. offer additional ways to consume information related to the subject. Examples of each are provided in the table below.


Charts Fact Files How-To Guides
clipboard_e78b9d2e1ee8940474f1853f6c64ee404.png clipboard_e4c65c8ae503ce76d6bb6a968af193509.png clipboard_ebd490cc0bb4336f3d854d31c22b1ea7f.png
  Related Program Index  

Each Related Program Index (RPI) uses the broad regulatory knowledge of J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., to identify related regulations and recommend compliance programs and priorities. (The RPI may only be visible for some subjects.)



In-Depth Analysis

This section provides in-depth analyses of different topics through the J.J. Keller Expert voice including Q&A's and special reports.


Test Yourself

This section allows you to put your learning and knowledge "to the test" by answering questions, examining a scenario, and more.


Regsense Topics

This area links Regsense topics related to the selected subject. Each "card" provides a direct route to the correlating area in Regsense in Compliance Network.


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