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J. J. Keller Support Center

Using Expert Help in Compliance Network

Please Note: While visitors to the site can access a few basic features for free, there are certain areas of the FAQ and Expert Help that are

limited to members only.

Click the Expert Help tab to contact compliance experts, view frequently asked questions, and more.


Contact an Expert

Determine which method of contact is best for your situation. You can also view your Expert Help History.


  • Message an Expert allows you to submit a question/help request to the compliance experts.
  • Schedule a Call/Video Meeting with an expert (Only available with a Compliance Network membership. A Professional Membership entitles you to four call requests per year).
  • Submit a Research Request (Only available with a Compliance Network paid membership. A Professional Membership entitles you to two research requests per year).
  • View Expert Help History brings your expert help submissions. You can filter by the Status of your current and past submissions.

Compliance Experts

Learn more about the Compliance Experts and their experience. Click View Bio under an expert to read more about their credentials.


FAQ Library

Explore the comprehensive library of Frequently Asked Questions.



  • Search by Keyword: Enter a keyword/s in the search field. Relevant search results will display. To view the answer to a question, click the dropdown next to the specific question.


  • Search by Topic: Enter a keyword/s to search for a specific topic, or click a specific topic from the list underneath to be brought to the search results.



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