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Hazmat EDGE in Compliance Network

Members who purchase the Hazmat EDGE add-on will gain access to premium content related to hazardous materials (hazmat) regulations and compliance. These resources will be especially valuable to those involved in these highly regulated activities. These premium offerings include charts, fact files, how-to guides, visual content, and content explaining hazmat interpretations. Hazmat EDGE also provides content on niche subjects like hazmat air and water guidance.

Interactive HAZMAT Table

The Hazardous Materials Table (HMT) is the core of the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMRs). It’s used to assign proper shipping names, identification numbers, and hazard classes and divisions for hazardous materials. The HMT also provides references for packaging and handling requirements for all modes of transportation.

Use this interactive HMT to help prepare your hazmat shipments in accordance with the HMR.


Search the Hazardous Materials Table by keyword, letter, or scrolling through the table. Click Details next to a specific hazardous material to view more information.



HAZMAT Resources

View Charts, Fact Files, How-To Guides, Infographics, Interpretations, and RegSense Topics related to HAZMAT. Click on the various cards to open more information.




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