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SmartAssign™ Technology for Unassigned ELD Log Events

New J. J. Keller® Encompass® SmartAssign™ Technology revolutionizes how Encompass customers manage ELD-app related unassigned driving events.


SmartAssign™ Technology, developed by J. J. Keller, reduces the time fleets spend managing unassigned driving events through a proprietary algorithm that auto-generates unassigned event recommendations to drivers based on fleet behavior and customer-determined confidence.


SmartAssign also utilizes significant enhancements to Bluetooth connectivity, reducing the frequency of ELD-related unassigned events due to lapses in Bluetooth connection between the ELD and the J. J. Keller Mobile® app.

See this guide for information on how to enable and use this new feature!


NOTE: In order to use the aspect of SmartAssign that automatically processes Yard Moves, the data profile must be set to HOS Compliance + Performance + Geo-Fence.


Minimum App Version Requirements:

Android .192
Compliance Tablets .186
iPhone® and iPad® .194
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