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July 29, 2022 VideoProtects Product Update

Area Description

Recalled Videos

Recalled Videos will not be allowed to be promoted to the Video Events page until the video has been fully processed. No longer will recalled videos in a pending state be able to be promoted or downloaded.


When a new installer is added, an email is sent to create an initial password. This link expires after 24 hours. We have now added an expired link message (see below image from Encompass installer) when a new installer clicks on the link, and it has expired. When this occurs, the installer will be required to have the Geotab to resend the installer link (mail icon located on the Configuration -> Installers page)

vp installer.png
Exporting Data Users are now able to export .csv files including 10,000+ rows of data.
Events The ability to generate Pedestrian Collison Warning events and Stop Sign Violation events have been added to the event database table. So, these events can now be enabled for any fleet that requests the capability. 



The capability to disable specific events per fleet has been implemented. Now, we can turn on/off certain events based on the fleet. For example, we can disable cell phone events for Fleet ABC only without effecting any other fleets in Geotab. When an event is disabled, it will not show up in the Events dropdown on the Video Events page or on the Dashboard for that fleet. Reach out to your Reseller for more details.

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