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J. J. Keller Support Center

9/28/22 VideoProtects Product Update

Area Description
Tamper Detect

Updated how Tamper Detect will resolve:

  • Tamper Detect will resolve when the camera and Go device are both on and moving for three consecutive 10-minute periods.
  • If no resolve in 24 hours, another notification is sent, and then every 24 hours after that until it is resolved.

For instructions on enabling Tamper Detect, visit Tamper Detect in VideoProtects.

Video Recalls


The map on the Video Recall page will now show a "Map currently unavailable" message due to the location being unknown.




An (i) tooltip has been added to the video details page and the driver app for Combination events. Users can now hover over the (i) tooltip to see what events are included in the Combination event.


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