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J. J. Keller Support Center

Video Dashboard

The Video Dashboard displays a summary of all your fleet’s event activities for the last 30 days. Access the Dashboard by clicking on the Video Dashboard tab in the  VideoProtects menu of options.


Event Status Queue

The Event Status Queue displays the total number of events in each of the process steps for the last 30 days.


Events by Event Score

The Events by Event Score summary shows a pie chart with a legend of all events that were scored for the last 30 days.


Driver Rankings

The Driver Ranking summary shows the ranking of the drivers for the last 30 days.



A driver’s rank is determined by their scored events over the last 30 days (rolling). Scores are added and/or deducted from the driver’s initial score of 99 to derive their current score and place in the driver ranking. 

Event Statistics

The Event Statistics section displays the event type occurrences ranked by driver of that event type. Note: You can select to view a specific time range by using the dropdown next to Event Statistics. The default time range is set to 30 days.




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