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VideoProtects: Checking Camera Health

To determine the status/"health" of your camera/s, first go to VideoProtects Configuration Device Association


Locate the Last HeartbeatLast Processed Event, and Connection Status columns.

  • Last Heartbeat: The last time the camera was showing active and online
  • Last Processed Event: Indicates the last time a video was processed or pulled from the camera memory card
  • Connection StatusIndicates if there is/isn't any power going to the camera
    • Online: Vehicle is powered on, camera has power to it, and has a network connection
    • Offline: Vehicle may be powered off; camera may not be plugged in; network issues may be preventing the camera from connecting to the server.

Note: If the vehicle is on or the camera light is green, but the status is displaying "Offline" in Encompass, please email support at




There are a few things you can check:

  • Is the camera getting power?
    • This is indicated by a green power light on the camera
  • Do any other icons currently have a light on?
  • If the globe icon is illuminated red, a data connection is most likely not coming through




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