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VideoProtects Video Platform FAQ

Who is VideoProtects?

The VideoProtects Video Monitoring Service is video-science that offers insight into risky and distracted driving behavior. VideoProtects combines Geotab telematics with Artificial Intelligence (AI) from driver and road-facing camera hardware – as a part of your MyGeotab experience.

VideoProtects is a J. J. Keller company, a leader in protecting people and the businesses they run. VideoProtects leverages the resources and support of J. J. Keller to bring a unique best in class video telematics service helping fleets increase safety and reduce risk.

How does it work?

VideoProtects is a video service that delivers driver and road facing video over the cellular networks to the cloud as a result of enhanced AI and Geotab telematic event triggers. VideoProtects hardware ADAS (Advanced Driver Alert System) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) provides drivers with audible alerts. Fleet managers can review events in near real-time and push scored events to a driver’s smart device for near real-time review and coaching.

How is VideoProtects inregrated with Geotab?

VideoProtects was built specifically for the Geotab platform with the goal of providing a seamless MyGeotab user experience. It is a simple add-in to MyGeotab and provides a Single Sign On experience. VideoProtects leverages Geotab telematic event triggers with powerful AI, providing users a comprehensive video view of road and driver events.

Is my information kept private and for how long?

VideoProtects is built with the highest levels of security available through a highly secured network deploying the latest encryption, penetration, and threat testing. Your data is retained per your retention policy with Geotab. Additionally, every workflow action and keystroke taken by the fleet back office is securely archived by our VideoProtects Court Reporter™ Event File Manager.

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