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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the light indicators and icons mean on the VP220 Camera?


Icon Definition Status Description


Power Power connection is good: solid green light
2 Alarm Default: light off When an event alarm is triggered the red light will blink three times

Location connection normal: light off

Location connection abnormal: solid red light


Cellular Network connection normal: light off

Cellular Network connection abnormal: solid red light


Client mode: light off

Access Point (AP) mode: solid red light

6 Road facing camera

Video recording working: light off

Video recording abnormal: solid red light

7 Safety cabin camera Video recording working: light off

No extra connect camera or extra camera working: light off

Extra camera connection abnormal: solid red light


How do I know if the Cameras are working? 

You can go to Video> Configuration> Device Associations to find the last time the camera was showing active and online by the Last Heartbeat. The Last Processed Event would indicate the last time a video was processed or pulled from the camera memory card.



How do I change the settings on the camera if I am getting too many videos?

Please reach out to and we can review and suggest ways to reduce the number of triggered events based on speed and other factors.


How does the camera send events?

The camera has its own data plan with a SIM card. It sends the events in near real-time to Geotab.


Does the Camera continuously record?

Yes. The SD can store about 7 days' worth of footage before it overwrites, or "loops". This is approximate, as it does depend on how much the unit is driven or the camera is on. 


How big are videos? 

Videos are about 10MB.

Can the camera hear the driver?    

No! This feature is automatically turned off for all customers.


If a driver is sitting still and the truck is idling, will it create any videos?

No, videos only get created during certain speeding thresholds, typically 10-90 mph.


Can the admin determine who moved the truck, say in the yard? 

If an event is not created, the admin can recall a video event and see who was in the truck at the time.


How do I know if I am getting all the events I should be?

We offer several Events or Triggers for the AI to capture, and would be happy to review if there would be any updates, or additional events we can turn on with the plan you are currently subscribed to.


Things to remember:

  1. The VP220 Dash Camera has a 128GB memory card that can be removed and accessed via a special software program when deemed that Video Recall will not be a good option.
  2. The VP220 Dash Camera uses Cellular Data to send videos.
  3. Video Recall only works if the camera is powered on and getting data.
  4. Video Recall only allows for up to 1 min. of video per request; however, we recommend only requesting about 3 videos at a time and letting the system process. Then, you can request more as needed.
  5. The Globe Icon on the VP220 Dash Camera lit red would indicate no cellular data.
  6. The WIFI Icon on the VP220 Dash Camera is an internal-only function, and does not affect the camera if on.
  7. The VP220 Dash Camera DOES NOT Record Voice or Audio in the cab of the truck.
  8. The VP220 has 1 button on the camera called the Driver Initiated button that will capture a 10 second video. This can be used for a test video, or a timestamp if the driver would be in any type of incident.
  9. The VP220 Dash Camera loops/overwrites the oldest videos approximately every 7 days, depending on how much the truck is driven.



Who is VideoProtects?

The VideoProtects Video Monitoring Service is video-science that offers insight into risky and distracted driving behavior. VideoProtects combines Geotab telematics with Artificial Intelligence (AI) from driver and road-facing camera hardware – as a part of your MyGeotab experience.

VideoProtects is a J. J. Keller company, a leader in protecting people and the businesses they run. VideoProtects leverages the resources and support of J. J. Keller to bring a unique best in class video telematics service helping fleets increase safety and reduce risk.


How does it work?

VideoProtects is a video service that delivers driver and road facing video over the cellular networks to the cloud as a result of enhanced AI and Geotab telematic event triggers. VideoProtects hardware ADAS (Advanced Driver Alert System) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) provides drivers with audible alerts. Fleet managers can review events in near real-time and push scored events to a driver’s smart device for near real-time review and coaching.


How is VideoProtects inregrated with Geotab?

VideoProtects was built specifically for the Geotab platform with the goal of providing a seamless MyGeotab user experience. It is a simple add-in to MyGeotab and provides a Single Sign On experience. VideoProtects leverages Geotab telematic event triggers with powerful AI, providing users a comprehensive video view of road and driver events.


Is my information kept private and for how long?

VideoProtects is built with the highest levels of security available through a highly secured network deploying the latest encryption, penetration, and threat testing. Your data is retained per your retention policy with Geotab. Additionally, every workflow action and keystroke taken by the fleet back office is securely archived by our VideoProtects Court Reporter™ Event File Manager.

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