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Adding Learners in TMC

Note: Locations should be added prior to adding Learners. See Adding Locations in TMC for more information.


Under the Learner Management tab select View/Add Learners.


Click the + New Learners button.


Enter in Learner Information, noting which fields are required or optional.

  • Company Affiliation (Optional): Affiliation Groups can be added by clicking your initials in the top right > selecting Manage Site dropdown > Manage Affiliates


  • Learner ID (Optional): A Learner ID could be used for your company's own unique recordkeeping purposes.
  • Secondary email (Optional)
  • Job Functions (Optional): Select the learner's applicable job functions.
  • Learning Group (Optional): See Adding Learning Groups for more information.




The learner will now show in your list, along with the number of courses they have completed/are enrolled in.


Edit/Delete a Learner

Select the checkbox next to the learner's name. Select Edit to update any necessary information, or Delete to completely remove the learner from the site.



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