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J. J. Keller Support Center

Navigating Training Management Center

This article walks through the basic structure of Training Management Center. Use the table of contents to the right or click on the links below to jump to that specific topic.

Training Catalog
Classroom Planner
Learner Management
Search Function
Shopping Cart

Additional Menu Items


Dashboard/Home Page

Upon logging in to TMC, you will see your Dashboard. Here you can view Recently Used/Newly Added courses, Cirriculum, Popular E-Learning Courses, etc. You can choose to view the information in a tile or list format. Clicking on the course/course tile will open up its details.

TMC Dashboard.png


From the course details page, you can enroll learners, view/add training materials, etc.clipboard_ed9a11e39d664315c0889a4e64a4dc399.png

Training Catalog

The Training Catalog houses all e-learning, classroom programs, video programs, curriculum, etc. provided by TMC. If you selected a variety of industries during initial registration, those selections will drive what you see in the catalog list. For example, the user below selected Communications, Company Management, etc. as areas of interest during registration; thus, these areas are listed for quick, easy access to applicable topics.

Click Browse All Industries to see the entire list of available trainings across all industries.



List of trainings for various topics. Click See All to view all topics.


Curriculums are a way of combining several courses/trainings into one, larger course.


E-Learning Content

This tab will bring you to a page that lists E-Learning content. These are organized by your areas of interest. Clicking View All next to an industry will give you a list of all available trainings.


Hover over a course card to Enroll Learners or to Add to Training Plan.

clipboard_e7e2f9dc9709127f41c69f4380d47c8ba.png clipboard_ebbb05280a0dc1366a9465bc4b164aa24.png

Click on the course tile will bring you to the details page where you can enroll learners, add to a training plan, view objectives, etc.


Video Programs

The Video Content tab/page will display available video programs. You can add the video to your cart, or you can click on the video tile to open up its details, including the option to create a Remote Classroom.


Classroom Planner

This tab will house all of your classroom programs/training events. Add new classrooms, edit/view your current ones and more.


Learner Management

The Learner Management tab allows you to add/edit/manage your learners, groups, locations, coordinators, and more.


Helpful Articles:

Search Function

Located in the top right of your screen is a magnifying glass. Clicking this will open a search feature. Here you can search for specific Trainings or Learners.


Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart brings you to a page to enroll learners in specific courses/curriculums. If you've previously added enrollments/courses to your cart in other areas of the site (ie. from the Training Catalog), those selections will show in your cart as well. See Enrolling Learners for more information.


Extra Menu Options and Your Profile

Clicking your initials in the top right of your screen will open up a menu of options. Here you can view your profile, manage various items, view reports and access the Support Center.


My Profile

Update any contact information as needed.


Learning Center

  • Learner Self-Registration: If you don't have the time to create learner records within your Training Management Center account, learners can create their own Learning Center accounts.
  • Self-Enrollment Management: Settings in this area will allow admins to choose specific courses in which their learners can enroll themselves via the Learning Center.
  • Customize: This area allows you to customize the appearance of your J.J. Keller Learning Center.


Manage Site

Manage various areas of your site. 

  • Many of the items in this list can also be accomplished via the Learner Management tab: Training Groups, Assistant Coordinators and Locations
  • Reoccurrences: Shows the courses in which you have set-up to automatically enroll learners in after a set amount of time.
  • Management Center Updates: TMC news, notifications, and updates live here.


Support Center

This brings you to the J.J. Keller Support Center. This houses various help articles, such as this one.



A variety of reports are available to you. A report description is provided.



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