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Enrolling Learners in a Course in TMC

Click the Shopping Cart.


Adding Learners

Click the Select Learners box.


Search for and select the learners you need to enroll in a course. Click Save when finished.


Note: You can search for and/or filter learner results to narrow down a specific learner group, location, etc. Use the search field to locate a specific learner. Click the Filter icon to open up various filter options.


Adding Course/s

Any courses/curriculums you have added to your cart via the Training Catalog will show here. If you have yet to add courses to your cart, or want to enroll these learners in more courses, click Add More.


Select the course/s you want to enroll the learners in. Use the search field or filter options to narrow down your results. Click Save when finished.


The selected course/s will now appear.


Complete the required fields and other fields as desired.


Allow Certification Printing

Allows the learner to print a certificate upon completion/passing of the course.


Recurring Settings

Gives the ability to require that the learner complete the course again after a set interval of time (ie. monthly, annually, etc.). Note: You would be charged for the enrollments each time the course recurs. 



Notification Settings 

Allows you to choose what email address (primary, secondary, or both) to send the course enrollment notification to. You can also select an Admin/Coordinator to send a notification to.


Cart Summary

A summary of all selected enrollments and the cost appears on the right hand side. In the example below, I have 2 learners to enroll in 1 course. You can see that there are 2 Standard Enrollments that cost $50 total.



If you have a subscription, the cart will indicate how many enrollments you have available in your account. The dollar amount will be "$0" if you have enough enrollments remaining in your account to cover the "cost" of your current elections. In the example below, I have 299 enrollments available, and will end up using 4 of those upon checkout.


If you have set up the course as a recurring course, the cart will indicate how many enrollments will be used/purchased in the future based on your Recurring Settings.clipboard_e0fe64a29978381762f6dcd9fdecffcc6.png


Purchasing Additional/Premium/Video Credits

You can also purchase additional Standard, Premium, and/or Video enrollments (on top of the cart's current elections) to store in your account for use at a later date. Click the (+) next to the desired enrollment/credit type to add additional items. Your total will update as items are added.



Promo Code

If you received a promo code, you can apply that in the Promo Code field.


Add Title for Report

For reporting purposes, you can add a "title" that will appear for this purchase/enrollment.


Checking Out

When ready to checkout, click the orange Checkout button.


If your Checkout button is gray, you may need to update specific areas of the course settings (ie. perhaps you forgot to select a Due Date.)


Checkout Process Without Subscription

Enter in your credit cart information and ensure your billing address is accurate. You can choose to have an invoice sent to your company by checking the Bill My Company box.

clipboard_e732f4b6548abdee3cc8d8f03729bc803.png OR clipboard_e7e73888660615d1b3b16a62470ee82a3.png

An Order Summary will display.



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