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Getting Started (not using)

To get started with Safety Management Suite, the system will need some additional information about your company: Company Data and Case Numbering preference for Incident Recordkeeping.  See the areas below to enter the details that apply to your company. An import tool is currently in process of being developed and will become available in a future update to the Safety Management Suite.  


Company Data

Click Company Data in the left menu bar.



When adding Company Data, it is best to start with Cost Centers, Job Titles, Locations, Shifts, and Work Areas, if they apply.  Once those have been completed, begin entering Employees.  The values entered for these areas will then be selectable fields when the Employees are entered.




Use the links below to jump to the specified areas. It is recommended to enter this information in this order (complete these before moving to the next section for case numbering):

  1. Job Titles
  2. Locations
  3. Work Areas
  4. Shifts (optional)
  5. Cost Centers (optional)
  6. Employees


Case Numbering

Once company data has been entered, Case Numbering preference for Incident Recordkeeping will need to be selected.  Click the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner and select Settings.



Select Case Numbering.



Choose the method for case numbering that will suite your company and click Save.  

Note: Location Identifier Numbering Options require locations to be entered into the Company Data.  See Locations.




Job Titles




To enter a new job title, click Add New.



Enter the name of the job title and click Save.



The new job title will then be displayed on the Job Titles page.  Click Add New to add another job title.  Continue this process until all applicable job titles have been added.


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To add a new location, click Add New.



Enter in details of the location. The fields denoted by a red asterisk (*) are required.


The Location Identifier field is used for Form 300 incident record numbering.  For example, if your location name is Chicago, you might use CHI as your location identifier.


Your NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code is entered using a wizard.  Select the option that applies to you to enter your NAICS code to the system.


Click Save at the bottom when all necessary information has been entered. The new location will be shown on the locations page.  Click Add New to add another location.  Continue this process until all locations have been added.




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Work Areas




To add a new work area, click Add New.



Enter the name of the work area, and click Save.



The new work area will be displayed on the Work Areas screen. Click Add New to add another work area.  Continue this process until all necessary work areas have been added.



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Shifts (optional)




To enter a shift, click Add New.



Enter the name of the shift, and click Save.



The new shift will then be displayed on the Shifts page.  Click Add New to add additional shifts.  Continue this process until all shifts applicable to your company have been entered.



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Cost Centers (optional)



To add a new cost center, click Add New.


A pop-up window will be displayed.  Give the cost center a name, make sure 'Yes' is marked for Active? and click Save.


The new cost center will then be displayed.  To add additional cost centers, click Add New at the top and repeat this process until all needed cost centers have been entered.



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To add a new employee, click Add New.



Enter the details of the employee.  Each field denoted by a red asterisks (*) is required.  Additionally, each field specifies which form they apply to below the field.  The drop-down menus for Job Title and Employee Location are created from adding them from their respective areas on the Company Data page. They can also be added from this screen my selecting the drop-down menu and clicking Add New.  A pop-up window will display with the required fields for their entries.



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