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SDS Employee Access

Note: This feature is only available to Safety Management Suite Advanced or Premium Subscriptions

Safety Management Suite Advanced or Premium Subscriptions have access to allow employees (non-users) visibility to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) already loaded in SMS in a feature called SDS Employee Access


To grant this access, expand Chemicals from the left side menu and select SDS Employee Access.



You will be taken to a page to customize the view the non-user will see.

empl access sds.png


1. Customize Text: The text at the top of the page can be customized to provide helpful information to the non-user viewing the page. This may include things like emergency contact information, who to contact in their organization with questions, etc.

2. SDS Employee Access URL: This URL is the link non-users will need to access the feature. This link can be published to an intranet site, saved on the desktop as a shortcut, etc.

3. Copy: This icon next to the URL is the button to copy the URL for the page.

4. SDS Grid: This grid will show any SDSs marked as Include in Binder with active company usage defined.


Below is the view the non-user will see when accessing the site via the URL.

Employee Access (Non-user View).png

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