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Fillable Poster Forms Information

Some states require employers to fill in information on printed posters. For the physical posters that are displayed in the worksite, you need to write this information on the poster.


For electronic posters, you can provide this information in a couple of ways:

Option 1

Log in to Labor Law Poster Management Center and navigate to the E-Posters page using the left navigation menu.


Click on the poster you want to fill in to download it from the website. 


Type your information into the fillable fields.


Save the completed file to your computer. (The process for this may look different depending on the browser you’re using and your specific settings.)


Now you can upload the saved file to your organization’s network or intranet.


Note that filling in the PDF fields will not overwrite the version that is saved on the Labor Law Poster Management Center. To save your changes, you must save the poster to your device and then share that version with employees.


Option 2

Provide the information to employees separately, in another format. For example, you could:

  • Email the information to your employees, or
  • Save the information in a document on the intranet site, a shared drive, or a folder that houses the labor law posters

What are the legal requirements?

From a regulatory standpoint, some laws require certain information to be written on the physical posters that are at a worksite. The regulations don’t specifically address whether or not this information also needs to be filled in on the electronic posters. In most cases, electronic posters are a recommended best practice but don’t fulfill posting requirements in and of themselves. They show a good faith effort to make remote employees aware of their rights under the law. A few posting regulations do mention electronic postings, but these particular postings don’t require information to be written on the poster.

It is still a best practice, however, for employers to provide this information to employees. States have taken steps to ensure that it is made available to employees who are in the workplace, so it would be best to provide it to remote workers as well, using one of the methods described above.


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