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Managing and Assigning Group Subscriptions

You can organize your subscriptions by creating group and assigning subscriptions to them. Examples could include territories, titles, locations, etc. Use these groups to filter your subscriptions for quicker access.


Select Manage Groups.



Create a group by typing in the name of the group, press Enter. Once all groups have been added, click Done.



Once the groups have been created, you can assign the subscriptions to the group(s) by clicking on the checkbox in front of the appropriate subscription and click Manage Groups in the maroon bar.



When you click in the text field, the list of groups are displayed.  Begin typing the name of the group to filter the list.

clipboard_e3e074f52715bd160b294260389b16d86.png    clipboard_ef4ca725e2a9802a1e15e551d09dc05ea.png    clipboard_ee0552578b8214c54f94d2cb89e14516a.png


Once a region is selected, it will be displayed with an x next to it, indicating that it has the option to be removed.  Once all groups have been added, click Done.



You can then filter the subscription list on the group by clicking the group at the top of the list view.




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