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Unidentified Events

Unidentifed ELD Events can occur for multiple reasons, including when a driver starts driving the vehicle with the ELD and doesn't login to KellerMobile.  

Every driving event is recorded by the ELD,  but with unassigned log events, the time and driving status is not assigned to anyone.  To help reduce the amount of these unassigned events, a driver with unassigned events will receive an alert when he/she logs into KellerMobile and connects with the ELD.  The KellerMobile application will ask the driver to claim those unassigned ELD events. A driver can also check for unassigned events using the System Menu.


Claiming Unidentified ELD Events

  1. To check for unassigned drive time click on MENU on the home screen.
  2. Click on System Menu.
  3. Click on Records.
  4. Click on Unidentified ELD Events.
  5. Check the appropriate boxes of Unidentified ELD Events. Any events created during a period when you are on-duty need to be claimed, these events includes Driving, Power-up, Shut-down.
  6. To claim all events check the box at the top of the screen, this will select all Unidentified ELD Events
  7. Click Claim
  8. Click Done

Unidentified ELD Events Detected

  1. If a Unidentified ELD Event has been created, you will be taken to the Unidentified ELD Events screen


Unidentified ELD Events create alerts for the system administrator in Encompass. 

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