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J. J. Keller Support Center

*Training Checklist*

Preparing to get started with KellerMobile and elds

     Ensure the Correct Equipment Guide

     Download KellerMobile Application to Mobile Device Guide(Android) | Guide(Apple)

     Receipt of Activation Code, Username, and Password from Administrator


Start of the Day

     Turn On/Off Mobile Device

This could differ depending on the mobile device being used. Make sure the driver knows how to do this.

     Checking Bluetooth Settings

This could differ depending on the mobile device being used. Make sure the driver knows how to do this.

     Identify and Press the Bluetooth Pairing Button on ELD

This is the gray button next to the LED indicator lights on the ELD. When this button is pressed and held in, the blue light will turn solid and eventually start to flash. Once the light flashes, the button can be released. The ELD is then in pairing mode and available to connect to.

     Logging into KellerMobile Guide | Video(Android) | Video(Apple)

     Discover and Activate ELD Guide(Android) | Guide(Apple)

     Enter Trailer & Shipment Information Guide

     Verify ELD Online, Location, and User Guide

     Verify Location and User Guide

     Pre-Trip Inspection Guide(Android) | Guide(Apple)


Common Tasks Throughout the Day

     View Hours/Clocks Guide

     Edit Log Guide(Android) | Guide(Apple) | Video(Android) | Video(Apple)

     Review Log Edit Requests Guide(Android) | Guide(Apple)

     Change Duty Status & Special Driving Conditions Video(Android) | Video(Apple)

     Modify Trailer & Shipment Information Guide

     Enter Log Remarks Guide


End of Day

     Post-Trip Inspections Guide(Android) | Guide(Apple)

     Check/Claim Unassigned Events Guide | Video(Android) | Video(Apple)

     Certify & Submit Logs Guide | Video(Android) | Video(Apple)


Additional Materials and Videos

     Roadside Inspection and ELD Malfunction Card (ensure the driver has this)

     Roadside Inspection & Data Transfer Video(Android) | Video(Apple)

     ELD Driver Guide (ensure the driver has this)

     Common Daily Functions Video(Android) | Video(Apple)

     Contact Support (ensure the driver has this wallet card)




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