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J. J. Keller Support Center

*FirstGroup / First Student SOP

Encompass shell: FirstGroup Merged [2012-04-13 19:50:36.947]

Account number: 200250681




J.J. Keller created their own scan utility program for First Student with the stipulation that they support this program on their own.

Encompass Support does not support their DMO Scan Utility.  Please direct the user to contact their own IT Helpdesk for support. Advised if their Helpdesk is unable to resolve the issue, they will directly contact support. 



Login issues


If an end user is unable to log into their DMO account, please direct their call to Cherie Jones, DMO Administrator, or Lynn Bacco, DMO Assistant Adminstrator.


Phone: Cherie Jones: 904-551-9996 / Lynn Bacco: 412-512-9732 


Email: /

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