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J. J. Keller Support Center

*LMS Support Process - Team 1

C4C Notes
Category LMS
Incident Type Usage
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Please list in the ticket, in detail, a description of the issue.


Then copy and paste the below questions under the description into the ticket with the answers. 


  1. When did the issue start?
  2. What devices are you experiencing the issue on? (phones, tablets, PCs)
  3. Is it one course or multiple courses? (Document the exact titles)
  4. How many locations are affected?
  5. Did the course ever work for you?
  6. Is your LMS actively connected to the internet?
  7. Do you have a Firewall?
  8. Is and added to the trusted sites/ safe sender list??
  9. How many students are affected?
  10. If you are getting an error message can you tell us what it is and provide screen shots?
  11. Have you tried downloading a new copy of the dispatch file and installing in your LMS?
  12. Who is your LMS provider?


Position a call back with the customer:   Mr. Customer, I am going to get this to one of our Technical Specialist for them to investigate this issue further and call you back within one business day.


If the customer asks for the LMS line directly, please give out this number - 877-564-2333 ext 8737.

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