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Dash Cam PRO220 and 220-3 Install Guide

Click below to access the J. J. Keller® Dash Cam PRO220/Dash Cam PRO220-3 Installation Guide.

Dash Cam PRO220 and 220-3 Install Guide



Helpful/Quick Tools 

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ: Encompass Video and Dash Cams

LED Indicators & What They Mean


Icon Definition Status Description


Power Power connection is good: solid green light
2 Alarm Default: light off When an event alarm is triggered the red light will blink three times

Location connection normal: light off

Location connection abnormal: solid red light


Cellular Network connection normal: light off
Cellular Network connection abnormal*: solid red light
*Abnormal could mean you are in an area with poor cellular coverage; there could be an issue with the SIM card; etc.
For troubleshooting assistance, contact product support: 1-833-933-0971 or


Client mode: light off

Access Point (AP) mode: solid red light

6 Road facing camera

Video recording working: light off

Video recording abnormal: solid red light

7 Safety cabin camera Video recording working: light off

No extra connect camera or extra camera working: light off

Extra camera connection abnormal: solid red light

Driver Initiated Button

driver initivdash.png

The Driver Initiated button allows a driver to manually capture an event or perform a test video. When the button is pushed, all connected cameras will capture video footage for five seconds before and after the event (default) or for the length of time configured by the administrator. The engine must be on for the video capture. After the button is pushed, it should take about 15 - 20 min. to show in Encompass.
*If the test video/captured event doesn't come through to Encompass, this could mean that the camera is not paired properly, there is no data connection, or there is no power to the camera.

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