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Encompass Release (9/2/2022)


Area Description Reference ID
A&D Enhanced: Alcohol & Drug Card records now link to View Modal windows (not just edit windows). 85283, 86195
Alert Center Customize Updated:  Medical Examination Report Form. 85519
Applicant Fixed:  Issues with Applicant attachments when hiring an applicant to an Employee record file.  Attachments were not migrating in the right format or downloading in the right format. This has been fixed.   86574, 86576, 88156
Employee Fixed: No longer will get an error when adding/assigning employee to reporting levels. 88340
Hours of Service Enhanced: User now has ability to submit a Canadian Output file from the new UI, Reports area.  86784
Driver Qualification Fixed: Error is fixed when running the Previous Employee Safety Performance History Form for Employee.  87758
Mapping Fixed: Fixed issue where mapping data was not always displayed after a company migrated into the new Encompass design. 87906
Hours of Service Fixed the following issues:
 - New events (to a mandate log) must now have a Reason for Edit filled out
 - The "Add New" button has been removed for the Duty Status card where only new events can be added.
Enhanced: Add a view modal window for ELD event detail records.  (There was only edit prior.)
87720, 87724, 85318
Training Fixed: Fixed problem with "500"-type errors and latency within some Employee Training Views. 87261
Unit Fixed: User could not enter a new unit record and the profile card for the unit was not displaying. Both problems were fixed immediately after discovering problem.  84165, 88088
Third Party Enhanced:  Added the Third Party indicator to the MVR Request listing in Driver Qualification area.  84896
Vehicle Tracking/Settings Enhanced:  User can now enable the Vehicle Tracking Plus feature for the Xirgo device. 78962
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