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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass Release (6/24/2022)


Area Description Reference ID
Applicant  Fix: Fixed Roster for Applicants to have the Progress column sortable. 77634
ELD User Update: System will now enforce more than (or equal to) 4 characters on the User Name when adding multiple ELD Users. 76225
Email Attachments Update: For Emailing attachments, system will send the "friendly" name to the recipient; it was sending the original, uploaded file name. 82650
Hours of Service Fix: The ELD Output File Status tab will display one month of data by default (not all).
Fix: A newly added Range of Logs will refresh and appear for the Hours of Service driver view; system wasn't always refreshing display.
Maintenance New: There is now an option to print the Repair Order with Special Instructions and the Preventive Maintenance List.
Fix: Fixed condition where the Preventive Maintenance checklist wasn't always printing to the Repair Order.
Mapping Fix: Fixed problem where clicking on a truck icon showed odd values for speedometer and odometer.
Fix: Also fixed issue with Xirgo Vehicles where Display ELDs and "Display Vehicle Tracking" were not working properly. 
MVR Scores New: Included a view for the MVR Scoring Record.  Previously, you could enter or edit the values, but the was no specific "view" screen.  82330
Settings New: Under the Vehicle Settings: There is now an option to update Credit Card Information.
Fix: Also fixed a problem under Trips | Jurisdiction Control Settings where it wasn't showing checkboxes that had been checked.
Unit Fix: We have linked the "View Ruleset Information" on the Unit Profile card to the Rule Set for the Unit.  76235
Unit Rules Fix: Elminated a duplicate key error some users were getting when modifying the unit's rule set. 82493
User Management Fix: Fixed the link problem with the Password recovery email. The link in the email was going to the wrong screen. 82924
Xirgo Vehicle Tracking New: Added the ability for a user to delete a Xirgo Device from vehicle tracking 72988
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