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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass Release (5/26/2022)


Area Description Reference ID
Applicant Fixed issue where the printed application was not including Custom Text and the Certification checkbox was not being checked
Improvied Applicant's Driver's License Number to have tracking for any user changes and edits. 
Attachments Updated Attachment area for Checklist items to display the checklist item; fixed error upon save.  80504
CSA User can now Update/Add Company DOT numbers for CSA.  34659
DVIRs Added "Edit" Attachment link for the DVIR Attachment modal. Link was showing but not linking anywhere. 80098
Employee  Added a Save & Add New button to the Add New Contact modal 63205
Forms Added the form: MEDICAL EXAMINER NATIONAL REGISTRY VERIFICATION to the Forms area. 70596
General Included a new scroll option for long Column-picker lists 59130
Hours of Service Issues fixed:
- User can now assign an Unassigned Event to a Driver Other than the suggested driver
- Fixed problem with the Unassigned Events Alert Not Showing

- Included link to trip record from the log record (where log is from the ELD)


Maintenance Fixed problem where the repair order wasn't updating after adding a Mechanic.
Updated the Column Picker for the Preventive Maintenance Due roster to have additional columns to select
Mapping Updated performance issues for companies with large amounts of Landmarks 80206
Mobile Messaging UI Improvement: Updated the Driver Lookup to NOT be case sensitive on name lookup 81407
Performance Updated permissions to allow users with limited permissions to the Performance tab to view the Driver Performance roster; they should be able to view this but they were not.  80635
Reports Fixed the Compliance Notification (Print Version) and Driver Log (Print Version) report to run when all parameters are selected.  80937
Roadside Inspection Fixed:
 - Save & Add Violation will now work when adding an inspection from the roster view.
- Roster will properly refresh after new inspection is added

Training Fixed UI issue where e-learning course card view, titles and pictures were being cut off 78964
User Fixed the "Recover Your Password" link to go to the recover your password request view 81590
Xirgo Veh Tracking Improvements:
- Now an Edit screen for manually adding new Xirgo device
- User can now associate Xirgo hardware to a Unit, and pick Vehicle Tracking level
- Updated UI to show an alert in yellow when the Vehicle Tracking device is unpaired but data's been received.
- Also update UI to show alert in red when Tracking device is paired and there has been no data in 48 hours

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