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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass Release (1/19/2023)


Area Description Reference ID
DVIR Fixed: Fixed issue with Unassigned Towed Listing; no units were being listed. 95683
Forms Fixed: Fixed problem with blank PDF forms generating for Driver Qualification 95496
Fuel Tax Added: Connecticut Mileage tracking added.  You can now collect special Connecticut miles for reporting.
Note: Be sure to activate Connecticut under Company and/or Unit Rules (under Mileage Reportability settings) if you intend to track Connecticut miles.   
Hours of Service Fixed: Updated the unassigned log event process to no longer have the Uploaded driver selected even when a different driver is chosen
Fixed: Server error when clearing an unassigned event where an annotation has been added

Maintenance Added:  Mechanic setup has been added to the system.  You can now view, add, update and delete mehanic records.  41285
Mapping Fixed: Fixed issue with Live Map not showing Drivers/Tractor#s for users where more limited user permissions are involved. 90455
Titling/Registration Enhanced: Titling cards now have an attachment indicator for Custom-added items. 96567
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