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Reassign/Move an ELD

unassigning the eld In Encompass

Go to Settings > Vehicles tab > Encompass ELD Settings section > Connected Device List


Hover over the ELD in the list and click Unassign ELD.


Confirm that you would like to Unassign that ELD from that unit.


Now that it has been unassigned, make sure that the vehicle that the ELD is moving into has been added to Encompass. If the vehicle has not already been added, go to Vehicles > List > Add New. See Add a Unit/Vehicle for more information.

If the vehicle has already been added, ensure that it does not already have an ELD assigned to it.

Assign to New Unit

Assign the ELD to the new unit, as outlined above, except now by hovering and selecting Assign ELD.


Click Select Unit to Assign.


Search for and select the desired unit to assign the ELD to. Remember to click Assign ELD to Unit at the bottom of the screen when finished.




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