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Download the Encompass® ELD Application - iPhone®/iPad®

Quick Note about Data usage

Data usage of the Encompass® ELD application on mobile devices can vary dependent on how the application is used.  Below are estimate amounts of data used by the two ELD driver profiles:


Advanced Driver - Approximately 30MB per month

Premium - ELD - Approximately 75MB per month


These numbers may fluctuate and are influenced by a number of factors:

  • How often the app is used (daily, etc)
  • How many drivers use the app on a given device (multiple drivers per day?)
  • If you use fuel tax
  • If you have GPS tracking

Installing the Encompass® ELD application on the mobile device takes a few seconds. These instructions are for iPhone®/iPad® users.


Tap the App Store icon on your device.



Select Search in the lower right-hand corner. Type Encompass in the search bar.



Tap Get.



Tap Open to launch the application.



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