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Troubleshooting - I can't connect to my ELD...Help!


I can't connect to my ELD... Help!


If you've never tried to pair before or you have but you've forgotten, see these FAQs:


If you've paired before but something isn't working:

  • Press the raised black button on the ELD to have the ELD send out a Bluetooth signal again. Be sure to press this button hard enough for the blue light to turn solid. You may find using a pen or pencil helps. Once that blue light starts flashing, you can release the button. 
  • Then press "Discover" in KellerMobile. 


If that doesn't work? 

  • Is there anyone around you with the application who might be paired with your ELD by mistake?
    • This can easily happen without being aware...
    • You'll need to release it from the other handheld to make the ELD available.
  • Did you happen to use a different handheld the day before?  
    • If so, the ELD might still be paired with that handheld.
    • You'll need to release it from the other handheld to make the ELD available.
  • Are there lights emitting from the ELD?  (You may see yellow, red, green)
    • If no lights are emitting, it's likely the ELD isn't on.
  • Is Bluetooth turned on?  
    • This requires going out to your Settings/Buetooth area of your handheld to check.
    • If noturn the Bluetooth settings on.  Then try "Discover" in the application.
    • If your Bluetooth settings are already on, can you see your ELD on the listing of devices your handheld recognizes?
      • If yes, go back to the application and try "Discover" again.
      • If no, it sometimes helps to turn Bluetooth off and then on again to reboot it.
        • Also, you can press the raised black button on the ELD to have the ELD refresh the Bluetooth signal.
        • Also, you can try powering down and powering back up the handheld.



If you have multiple devices in your cab, please read this article:

TroubleShooting - When You Have Multiple Devices in Your Cab...


If none of that works,.. 

Call our Support Area. You need some help...