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FAQ - How do I Connect My ELD to Bluetooth? (iOS)


How do I connect my ELD to Bluetooth? (iOS)



The Bluetooth area is actually a setting on your iOS device. The ELD device will work (when turned-on) to send a Bluetooth signal. It can then be identified and paired.  


To perform this process:

  1. The ELD will need to be on (you'll need to see a yellow, blue or green light coming from it)
  2. The iOS device will need to be on

Provided these are on:

  1. Go to your Settings>Bluetooth area of your iOS Device
  2. Review the devices listed
  3. Find your ELD on the list and press it (to pair)  You'll want it to read "connected"
  4. Log into KellerMobile
  5. If you don't have the ELD identified for your KellerMobile™ application, you'll be prompted for EOBR Discovery after login.
  6. Click the "Discover" button
  7. Select the ELD and Activate
  8. Once activated, you can make it your default (if you'll be using this ELD most often)

    Note: Defaulting the ELD on means you won't have to keep pairing and activating it in the future. The application will see it for you instead. You can only have one default ELD at a time, however. So if you slip-seat a lot or have to pair with different ELDs on a regular basis, using a default ELD is not in your best interest.
  9. Click Done



What if your ELD is not identified?

  • Press the raised black button on the ELD to have the ELD send out a Bluetooth signal again. Be sure to press this button hard enough for the blue light to turn solid. You may find using a pen or pencil helps. Once that blue light starts flashing, you can release the button. 
  • Then press "Discover" in KellerMobile. 


If that doesn't work?

  • Is there anyone around you with the application who might be paired with your ELD by mistake?
    • This can easily happen without being aware...
    • You'll need to release it from the other handheld to make the ELD available.
  • Did you happen to use a different handheld the day before?  
    • If so, the ELD might still be paired with that handheld.
    • You'll need to release it from the other handheld to make the ELD available.
  • Is there a red light emitting from the ELD?  
    • If not, the ELD isn't on.
    • You'll need to turn on the ELD...
  • Is your battery low on your handheld? This can affect pairing performance.
    • If yes, you'll want to recharge your handheld.
  • Is your Bluetooth settings area on?  
    • This requires going out to your Settings/Buetooth area of your handheld to check.
    • If no, turn the Bluetooth settings area on.  Then try "Discover" in the application.
    • If your Bluetooth settings are already on, can you see your ELD on the listing of devices your handheld recognizes?
      • If yes, go back to the application and try "Discover" again.
      • If no, it sometimes helps to turn Bluetooth off and then on again to reboot it.
        • Also, you can press the raised black button on the ELD to have the ELD refresh the Bluetooth signal.
        • Also, you can try powering down and powering back up the handheld.


If none of that works,..

Call our Support Area. You need some help...

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