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FAQ - What accident information has to be obtained?


What accident information has to be obtained?


For all accidents involving the driver that occurred in the three-year period1 preceding the date of the employment application, the following information must be obtained (NOTE: this is the same information that has to be maintained in the employer’s accident register, as required by §390.15(b)):

  • Date of accident;
  • City or town (or most near) and state where the accident occurred;
  • Driver name;
  • Number of injuries;
  • Number of fatalities; and
  • Whether hazardous materials were released (other than fuel spilled from the fuel tanks of motor vehicles involved in the accident).

Other accidents — Prospective employers must also request information about any other accidents the previous employer may wish to provide, including copies of accident reports required by state or other governmental entities or insurers, or information kept according to the previous employer’s internal policies for retaining more detailed minor accident information. Previous employers, however, are not required to provide this additional information.