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FAQ - How do I change a drivers ruleset?


How do I change a drivers ruleset?


There are two ways you can change the Ruleset:

  1. Change the Ruleset in general for all (or most) of your drivers.
  2. Change the Ruleset for a specific driver.


To change the ruleset for all of your drivers:

  1. Within Encompass, go to Setup> Company Level Listing>Edit Rules
  2. Locate the Ruleset setting
  3. Change the Ruleset (using the drop down)
  4. SAVE


Once saved, all of your drivers will be subject to the new rules, unless your driver has a special ruleset (directions following)...


To change the ruleset for one driver:

  1. Within Encompass, search for your employee record (from the Employee tab)
  2. Go to "Edit Rules"
  3. Locate the Ruleset setting
  4. Change the Ruleset (using the drop down)
  5. SAVE


There will now be an individual rule saved in the system for this employee. This special record will always preempt any changes made to Company Rules. You will have to delete this special rule record if you want the driver to be subject to Company Rules instead.


What if I can't see my Ruleset in the dropdown?  Encompass comes with the default US 60/70 hour rulesets available.If you need an additional ruleset, you'll need to contact Support and have them add this for you.



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