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System Menu Functions (AOBRD) - Records

To get to the Records menu of KellerMobile, click on Menu from home screen. Then click on System Menu. Then click on Records. Below is a list of all the functions you can use within the Records Menu. 

Trip Information

This tab allows drivers to enter current trip information details. 

  1. Enter the Trailer Number and the Shipment Info and click OK.
  2. If you use the same trailer each day click the Set Default Trailer Info box. If you haul the same commodities each day click the Set Default Shipment Info box. If you are Hauling Explosives check the box. 
  3. Click OK when complete. 

Employee Rules 

Employee Rules indicates numerous pieces of information for a driver, of which some can be changed and some cannot.

  1. Time Zone: Indicates driver's home terminal time zone
  2. Ruleset: Indicates the driver's current ruleset
  3. Driver type: Will be either Passenger or Property 
  4. Driving: This shows the distance a driver can go before he is put into Driving Status 
  5. Stop Time: The amount of time a vehicle doesn't move before the driver is put into On-Duty Status (from driving). For example, a driver stops at 10AM. At 10:05AM, his duty status will be put into On-Duty retroactive to 10AM. 
  6. This is a list of exceptions and special conditions available to drivers- as set up by the company Encompass Administrator. If a green check is in the box, this indicates the option is open to the driver.  
  7. Exempt Log Type: Will be either 100 Air-mile Exempt or 150 Air-mile Exempt
  8. Data Profile: Indicates the Encompass Edition used by the company
  9. Display Distance As:  Will display Miles for US and Kilometers for Canada
  10. Download is used to download a new ruleset.
  11. Change Ruleset is used to move from one ruleset to another ruleset. 

Download Records 

The Download Records allows drivers to download any new/changed logs and/or records from their company’s Encompass account.

  1. Click on Download Logs from the menu. 
  2. Select the appropriate log dates to download.
  3. Click on Download to download the new/changed logs or records. 

Certify and Submit

The Certify and Submit function can be used to submit previous logs without affecting your current log or duty status. Simply click submit to to submit logs. 

Unassigned Driving Periods

  1. To check for unassigned drive time click on MENU on the home screen.
  2. Click on System Menu.
  3. Click on Records.
  4. Click on Unassigned Driving Periods.
  5. Check the appropriate boxes of unassigned driving periods.

Edit Log Locations 

Drivers can use the Edit Log Locations function to change a location previously entered.

  1. Simply click on the location that needs to be updated.
  2. Enter the new Actual Location. Drivers can also add the Location Code.
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