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Dashboard Menu Functions (AOBRD) - Roadside Inspection

It is highly recommended that during a Roadside Inspection a driver utilize the Roadside Inspection Mode within KellerMobile. Roadside Inspection mode locks down the application so the enforcement officer can only see the current log and the previous 7 days of logs and inspections. 



Using Roadside Inspection Mode 

  1. From the home screen click on the MENU located in the blue bar.
  2. Select Roadside Inspection.
  3. Enter your password.  
  4. You can double-check that Roadside Inspection mode is enabled by clicking on the MENU again. Only a few items will display.
  5. To exit Roadside Inspection mode select Roadside Inspection from the Dashboard Menu and enter your password again. You will be taken to the home
    screen and all application restrictions will be lifted.

The KellerMobile Quick Start Video for Android provides instructions on how to use the Roadside Inspection Mode.

The KellerMobile Quick Start for iOS users provides instructions on how to use the Roadside Inspection Mode.