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Dashboard Menu Functions (AOBRD) - Add Additional Users

Multi-User Functionality, also known in the home screen Menu as Add Additional Users, allows multiple KellerMobile drivers to log in and maintain their HOS records on one device, as opposed to each driver needing his/her own device.  This mostly used with Hyrail users.
Note: The function needs to be enabled in Encompass before it's reflected in the KellerMobile™ application.

Login Process for Multi-User

  1. The first driver will login to KellerMobile.
  2. The next driver will click on Menu from the home screen. Then click on Add Additional Users.
  3. The driver will login to KellerMobile as he/she normally would. The new driver is offered the trip information screen to update Trailer Number and Shipment Info if necessary. 
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 for each additional user. 

Switching between Active Users 

  1. Click on the driver name at the top left of the dashboard screen.
  2. Click one of the users that is currently logged in from the dropdown menu on the Switch Keller Mobile User screen.
  3. Indicate whether or not this driver will be the current driver by selecting the Assume Driving Responsibilities box. Click OK.
  4. While the vehicle is in motion, any other users already logged can switch user context by selecting Additional User - Switch on the left-hand side and view their hours of service information.

Logout Process for Multi-User

  1. From the home screen click on the Log Off icon.
  2. To submit the log upon logging out check the Submit Logs on Logout box. Then click Logout
  3. To logout of KellerMobile without submitting the logs to Encompass, click Logout without checking the Submit Logs on Logout box.
  4. If a driver finishes driving for the day but is still On-Duty, the Actual Time Off-Duty option allows the driver to specify the exact Off-Duty time.  Click the drop down arrow and select the appropriate log off time. Tap Logout.


The driver name must be indicated in the green navigation bar in order to log out.