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Common Daily Functions (AOBRD) - Post-Trip Vehicle Inspection (DVIR)

Creating a post-trip inspection report is simple in KellerMobile. 

Post-Trip Inspection Process 

  1. Click the Vehicle Inspection icon on the home screen.
  2. Click on New Post-Trip Inspection.
  3. If the driver is successfully connected to the ELD, the tractor number will automatically be populated. To change the tractor number click on the Change Tractor tab in the left navigation. Select the correct tractor number from the drop down.
  4. If there are no defects, simply click Submit in the left hand navigation. The No Defects - Satisfactory box is automatically populated.
  5. If there are defects, uncheck the No Defects - Satisfactory box. A list of common tractor parts will appear. Click the area(s) relevant to the defect.
  6. To add a customized remark click on the Remarks tab in the left navigation. Enter remark in the box provided for the mechanic to review. 
  7. Click Submit in the left navigation to send the post-trip inspection to Encompass. 

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