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Setup Advisor: 05) Setup Vehicles

Step 03 (cont'd): Setup Vehicles


  1. Now you can enter vehicle information. Click Yes, I want to enter vehicles.
    • If you do not have vehicles or do not want to enter vehicle information yet, click on No, skip this step.
  2. Enter information onscreen.
    • Click Save & Add New to continue to enter vehicles.
    • Click Save & I’m done to finish.
  3. When you have completed entering vehicles you will see a review screen. 

    If you need to edit any vehicles, click on blue Edit link next to the vehicle you want to change. Otherwise click on Go to next.


Encompass is the master system for drivers and units. The Encompass Unit Code allows 20 or fewer characters for the unit name. Codes cannot contain special characters. The unit and driver codes must match exactly between the two systems.

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