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Other Guides - Vehicle Management Functions

Vehicle Management - Additional Guides

The following guides have been included to address areas of the system not covered elsewhere in the current Support Center -- especially for Encompass®, Encompass® Compliance and Encompass® Premium customers:



Regarding Fuel Card Imports

In order to import supporting documents from a fuel card provider (ie. COMDATA, T-Chek, etc.), the data file must meet these requirements:

  • The file must be a fixed-length text file. Other file formats (i.e., space-delimited, CSV, Excel) will not work.
  • All of the fuel purchases must be set to the same time zone in the file.
  • The employee codes in the data file must match the employee codes in Encompass® / DMO.
  • The dates and times may not have any punctuation. Ex. 06222010 = good. 06/22/2010 = not good.
  • The file must contain: employee code, fuel date, fuel time, city, and state.

You must contact your fuel card provider in order to obtain the fuel card. Once you have confirmed with your fuel card provider that the data file meets these requirements, please contact your client service specialist at (800)327-1342 to setup your import into Encompass.


Short Instructional Videos

  • Getting Started (setup) with Vehicle Management


  • Adding Units


  • Fuel Tax Setup and Reporting


  • Unit Maintenance



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