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HOS - Supporting Document, Add

About Supporting Documents

Supporting documents are receipts, such as fuel and toll receipts. There are two ways to enter supporting documents:

  • Entering documents independently from logs
  • Entering documents for an existing log


There are a couple of ways a supporting document can be added to a log.  One way is to do the add while entering the log.  The other is to add the supporting documentation after the log is entered.  


There is a myriad of methods for getting in the supporting document.  We allowed for a Supporting Document tab, a Supporting Document area and alternative ways of getting the documents in.  These instructions will show you the most direct methods.  


Add a Supporting Document to an Existing Log - Method 1

  1. Start from Driver Management | Hours of Service and look up the driver by using "Find Employee" or a list view.
  2. Click the employee's name in the list.
  3. Click on the "Supporting Docs" Tab
  4. Click on "Add New"
  5. Enter information for the Supporting Document.  Note that only the Date and Location are actually required.
    Though Date and Location are the only required fields, you'll get much more accurate falsification results is you enter all the information.
  6. SAVE
  7. View Success Message
    The receipt will be under Supporting Docs.  


Note with this method, that it's very important you have the right date for your supporting document.  Otherwise, you might attach the supporting document to the wrong log.


Enter a Supporting Document - Method 2

  1. Start from Driver Management | Hours of Service and find the driver (using "Find Employee" or a list view)
  2. Click on driver's name
  3. Click on Log Date
  4. Scroll down to the Supporting Docs section and click on "Add New..."
  5. Enter information
  6. SAVE
  7. View Success Message
  8. Supporting docs appear under log


Add a Supporting Document to a New Log

These instructions assume you've already entered basic log information for the new log.  If you're uncertain of the steps, see this article.

  1. When adding a new log, click on the "Supporting Docs" tab
  2. Enter information for the Supporting Doc and then click "Add Supporting Doc"
  3. Click "SAVE" for the log itself
  4. View Success Message


To See the Supporting Doc with the Log:

  1. Click Supporting Docs tab
  2. View all Supporting Docs for this employee.  Notice the new supporting doc for 2/19 is on the list.


The Supporting Doc won't be saved with the new log until the log is saved in general.


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