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HOS - Add Range of Off-Duty Logs

Rather than adding one off-duty log at a time, you can manually enter a range of logs by following these steps.


Enter Range of Logs

  1. Be logged in to the system
  2. Be on Hours of Service tab (Driver Management portal) and Look up the Driver by name or by employee code OR by using a list view
  3. Click into the driver's log record
  4. Click on "Add Range of Logs" (under "Log Checker File" section, left hand menu option)
  5. Select "Off Duty Logs
    • Enter the Begin Date (with four-digit year)   Note: You can type or use the Date picker.
    • Enter the End Date (with four-digit year)
  6. SAVE
  7. Success message


The Range of Off-Duty logs will be entered.


Inactive logs are entered via the same steps as Off-Duty Logs.  Simply select "Inactive" instead of "Off-Duty" for the Type of Logs.

With inactive logs, though, you'll notice that a field for Inactive Log? will reflect Yes.  

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