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HOS, AOBRD - Delete a KellerMobile™ or Manual Log

About Deleting Logs

A deletion of a record is actually a purge of a record.  There is no roll-back or retrieve or undo associated with a deletion.  Once you've selected "Yes" to deletion and the system deletes the record, it's gone.  You will have to re-enter the log to see it again (if you've deleted by mistake).


You can delete logs you've entered manually as well as those that have come in from KellerMobile.  Be sure you're aware of the regulations on Log Retention, though.  The DOT requires that you keep logs for six months.  If you decide to delete a log from the Encompass® system, make sure you have a back-up (either electronic or paper) somewhere to refer to if it's less than six months.  


Obviously, if you've entered a log in error, deletion is going to be necessary.  


To Delete  Log

The steps are the same for KellerMobile™ logs as they are for manually entered logs:

  1. Start logged in to the system and on the Driver Management | Hours of Service tab
  2. Click on driver
  3. Find the log you wish to delete
  4. Select the "Del" link to far right
  5. Confirm Delete screen comes up.  Notice it will have the warning about how the log should be retained for 6 months.
  6. Select "Yes" to delete or "No" to cancel
  7. Success Message


Notice the log is gone.


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