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Drivers - Rehire a Driver

About Rehire

The system will also track employees you've terminated and later rehire. The advantage with this method is that all the files collected during last employment period are in the file. Keep in mind, though, this doesn't preclude collecting new paperwork on a new hire to keep in compliance.


Steps for Rehiring an Employee

  1. Add Employee Link

From the Employees tab, click the Add an Employee link under Common Tasks on the left side of the screen.

  1. General Information
        Under the General Information section, note the First Name, Last Name and Employee Code are required. Fill in other information as needed:

  1. Save


  1. Reactivate notice

You will receive a message indicating that the employee is already in the system. If you click save, you will reactive the employee. Note that the required date is the "Rehire Date" and NOT the "Hire Date." It defaults to the current date.

  1. Adjust record
  1. Confirmation Message

The system returns to the "Employee tab" with a confirmation message.


  1. Viewing the employee record now

Now when you view the record, you will see the original hire date (1/1/2014) and the new rehire date (5/26/2014).


What if I Don't Want To Do This?

There may be a condition where (for whatever reason) you don't want to have the system use the rehiring process.  The workaround will be to change the employee code of either the terminated employee or change the employee code for the new hire record. In other words, don't use the same exact employee code for both records and you will be able to sustain both records -- the terminated and the new. Note that the new record (shown above) would have the altered employee code of "DelMe" instead of "DeleteMe."


List View

Notice there are two records in the system now with different employee codes.

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