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DVIR - Manage Repairs

These steps are also included with instructions on entering a Pre-or-Post-Trip DVIR.  But they will be reiterated here with some additional information. 


About the Repair Process

When a defect is found with a DVIR, the system assumes there will be a repair, an inspection of the repair and a certification the vehicle is cleared for safe driving again.  The system attempts to mimic this by inserting repair certification and review sections into the DVIR when defects are selected.  When there are defects checked but the certification and/or review sections are incomplete, the system will see this as an incomplete DVIR and will place it in an alert.   


It should be noted that there could be some days between the defect, the repair/certification and the review.  There are different dates to cope with this difference.


The steps below indicate Post-Trip, but these steps can work for Pre-Trip or Trailer DVIRs as well.  Just make sure you're clicking on the right alert.


Methods to Address Defects

Method 1: Non Alert Approach  

  1. Be on the Vehicle Management | Unit Maintenance tab
  2. Find your unit via search or a list view
  3. Click on the Unit Code from the listing.
  4. Click on "Edit" for the DVIR you are completing
  5. Check one of the boxes under Certification of Corrections
  6. Type in the name of the Certified by (inspector) and enter the date (shown above)
  7. Look up the reviewing driver via the eyeglass
  8. Enter the date reviewed
  9. SAVE
  10. Success Message


DVIR should be complete.


Method 2: With the Alert Approach  

When you have DVIRs that have outstanding defects not yet certified as repaired, there will be an alert on the Home tab (Vehicle Management) under Unit Maintenance Alerts called "___ Units with Post-Trip DVIRs Reporting Defects" or "____ Units with Pre-Trip DVIRs Reporting Defects."  This process will work with either type of defect.


  1. Be on the Home tab (under Vehicle Management)
  2. Click on the Alert link for "___ Unit(s) With Post-Trip DVIRs Reporting Defects"
  3. Click on the Unit Code for the Date and vehicle you're clearing
  4. Notice that the outstanding DVIR you just clicked will be in red
  5. Select "Edit" for this DVIR
  6. Check one of the boxes under Certification of Corrections
  7. Type in the name of the Certified by (inspector) and enter the date
  8. Look up the reviewing driver via the eyeglass
  9. Enter the date reviewed
  10. SAVE
  11. Success Message


The system returns to the Unit's DVIR record with the DVIR no longer in red.  This means it's been cleared.  If you go back to the Home tab, you should see your alert count has gone down.

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