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Attachments - Delete an Attachment

About Deleting Attachments

There are a number of ways to delete attachments. There is the one-at-a-time approach (shown here).  There's also a "purge attachments" approach only system administrators can do.  


NOTE:  Deleting an attachment is a permanent deletion.  There is NO "roll-back" or "undo" or way of retrieving the document once deleted. So be very careful when you delete attachments.


Steps to Delete an Attachment

  1. From an attachment view -- i.e., Employee Attachments -- select the "Del" link
  2. Confirm the delete by clicking "Yes"
  3. View Success Message.  Notice the attachment is gone.  


What Happens If I Deleted an Attachment by Mistake?

If you accidentally take out an attachment by mistake, you'll need to re-attach the document back into the system.  We do have methods for retrieving attachments if there's been a gigantic purge mistake by your System Administrator. But these cost a lot of money and may (or may not) be possible to do.  So be very careful and focused when deleting an attachment.

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