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Attachments - Add an Attachment


Attachments are documents you would like to store with the employee data. You can attach Word documents, PowerPoints, Excel documents and any other type of file. But there is a limit of 20MB on the file size the system will allow to be attached. As such, we recommend you choose a format that will take up the least amount of space -- i.e., Black & White Binary TIF files or Black & White PDF.


Steps to Add an Employee Attachment

This process assumes you have already looked up the employee and are within the employee's record view.

  1. Add New     
  2. Enter Information
          - Enter a Name for the Attachment (required).  This could be the file name of a short description.
          - Enter a Date (mm/dd/yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy format), or pick one from the calendar picker.
          - Select "Choose File" to browse out to the location of the attachment.
          - Note: Maximum file size... This is just a warning that the system will not take any attachment >20MB.

  3. After entering information, it should look something like this:
  4. Save   
  5. Confirmation

File will show up like this:


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Other Areas for Attachments (Non-Elog)

For Encompass®, Encompass® Compliance, and Encompass® Premium customers, there are many additional areas where attachments can be stored and moved:


  • Driver's Written Authorization Attachments 
  • Employee A & D Maintenance Attachments 
  • Employee A & D Prequal Attachments 
  • Employee A & D Reconciliation Attachments 
  • Employee Accident/Incident Attachments 
  • Employee Alcohol Test Attachments 
  • Employee Confidential Attachments 
  • Employee Confidential Maintenance Attachments 
  • Employee Confidential Prequal Attachments 
  • Employee DIHF Checklist Attachments 
  • Employee DQ Maintenance Attachments 
  • Employee DQ Prequal Attachments 
  • Employee Drug Test Attachments 
  • Employee Maintenance Attachments 
  • Employee Prequal Attachments 
  • Employee Rebuttal Attachments 
  • Employee Training Attachments 
  • Roadside Inspection Attachments 
  • Safety Performance History Response Attachments 



  • DVIR Attachments 
  • Trip Attachments 
  • Unit Attachments 
  • Unit Inspection Attachments 
  • Unit Out Of Service Attachments 
  • Unit Permitting Renewable Attachments 
  • Unit Pre-Service Attachments 
  • Unit Registration Checklist Attachments 
  • Unit Registration Custom Attachments 
  • Unit Registration Transaction Attachments 
  • Unit Renewable Attachments
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