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Setup Advisor (AOBRD) - Step 05: Install AOBRDs (Gen 2.0)

Steps To Install ELD

  1. Locate the diagnostic port in the vehicle and detach existing cable from port.
  2. Secure the ELD in a position where the driver can see the lights and has clear line of sight to the sky. To mount the ELD, use the adhesive strips provided or place screws through the 2 bracket mounts on either side of the ELD.
  3. Using your vehicle-specific harness, plug the male end of the Y-connector harness into the open diagnostic port.
  4. Route the wiring harness to ELD installation location.
  5. Plug your vehicle’s diagnostic cable into the female end of the Y-connector.
  6. Connect the “fastener” end of the harness (with locking screw) to the ELD. Make sure the harness is securely attached into the ELD.
    • If you’re receiving power, the lights on the ELD will flash.
    • If you are not receiving power, make sure harness is securely connected.

  7. Start vehicle. Engine must be on for diagnostic port detection.


Video Helpers

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Additional Materials

  • Driver RoadMap: This booklet is included in the original ELD package and contains important information on common tasks and troubleshooting. 
  • Gen 2.0 Quick Start Guide: This booklet is included in the original ELD package and contains important information on ELD installation and configuration. 
  • J1939F Bus Type Harness Guide: This reference sheet includes instructions on this unique Y connector.