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Other Setup - HOS, Setup Lookups

About Log Checker Setup

There are two main areas to address with Log Checker Setup:

  1. Log Checker Lookups
    • Supporting Doc Type Setup
    • Company/DOT Violation Setup
  2. Log Checker Info
    • Compliance Notice
    • Log Checker Settings
    • Preferences
    • Fuel Card Schemas


This article addresses Lookups.  This other articles addresses General Settings.


Setting Up Supporting Doc Type

Supporting documents are those receipts and paperwork that support the driver's log.  

  1. Start from Driver Management and go to Setup
  2. Locate Supporting Doc Type (under Maintain Lookups | Log Checker) can click on link
  3. Click "Add Supporting Doc Type Item"
  4. Enter the following:
    • Name (i.e., "Toll Booth")
    • Required Duty Status (i.e., "On Duty")
    • Check Locations (defaulted off; we recommend you leave this setting as it is.)
    • Variance (i.e, 15 minutes)
      • This allows the system to check the duty status and time of the log against the duty and time of the supporting document.
      • If you set the variance to 15 minutes, the system will compare the duty status/times and check 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the time provided by the log and the supporting doc.  If there's a problem, the log is marked as falsified.
        • Example 1:  Driver is "On-Duty" at 8:00 AM when the fuel receipt states 8:10 AM.  Since a Fuel Receipt is associated with an "On-Duty" status alignment and the receipt is not greater than 15 minutes from the duty status of the log, this receipt is fine.
        • Example 2: Driver is "Driving" at 9:15 AM when he notes a meal receipt at 9:20 AM.  Meal receipts are aligned with "on-duty." But the driver has a driving status.  This would be flagged as falsified.  
      • Note:  If you're using KellerMobile to track logs, you really won't need Variance.  The system is able to track logs down to minutes and seconds.  This Variance was used more for manually entered logs.  If you sense you'll be entering a combination of manual logs and KellerMobile™ logs, we recommend you set Variance to 15 minutes at most.  Otherwise, you may find situations where falsifications should have been detected but due to the Variance setting, it wasn't.
  5. SAVE
  6. View Success Message


Setting Up Violations

The system comes with a set of violations already setup for you. These include:

  • (Not Specified)    
  • 12 Hr On Duty Violation 395.1(e)    
  • 13 Hr Daily Driving Violation (12)(1)    
  • 14 Hr Daily On Duty Violation (12)(2)    
  • 16 Hr Consecutive On Duty Violation (13)(3)    
  • 26 Hour Driving Violation (16)(d)    
  • Beginning Odometer Reading Missing    
  • Carrier Name/Address Missing 395.8(d)    
  • Co-Driver Name Missing 395.8(d)    
  • Cycle Consecutive Off Duty Violation (25)    
  • Cycle Incorrect (29)    
  • Cycle Missing (82)(1)(b)    
  • Daily Off Duty Violation (14)    
  • Deferred Days Missing (82)(1)(g)    
  • Deferred Off Duty Not Added to Mandatory 8 Hours (16)(c)    
  • Deferred Off Duty Part of Mandatory 8 Hours (16)(a)    
  • Different Logs for Same Day    
  • Driver Printed Name Missing    
  • Driver Signature Missing 395.8(d)    
  • Duty Status Change Missing/Error 395.8(c)    
  • Ending Odometer Reading Missing    
  • Home Terminal Address Missing    
  • Hours Driving Since Break    
  • Hours Driving Since Rest    
  • Hours Missing/In Error    
  • Hours On Duty in Work Week    
  • Hours On Duty Since Break    
  • Identical Logs for Same Day    
  • Log Date Missing 395.8(d)    
  • Log Falsified 395.8(e)    
  • Log Grid Incomplete 395.8(h)    
  • Main Office Address Missing    
  • Missing Log 395.8(a)    
  • No Driving Hours for Miles    
  • No Miles for Driving Hours    
  • Post-Trip Inspection Incomplete 396.11(a)    
  • Pre-Trip Inspection Incomplete 396.13    
  • Shipment Info Missing/Incomplete 395.8(d)    
  • Speed Over Maximum Average MPH    
  • Start Time for Current 24 Hour Period Missing    
  • Team Driving Violation    
  • Total Off Duty Less Than 20 Hours (16)(b)    
  • Vehicle Numbers Missing 395.8(d)    
  • Warning: Non-CDL Exempt Hours Exceeded    

Many of these violations will be automatically calculated for you by the system:

  • 12 Hr On Duty Violation 395.1(e)
  • 14 Hr Daily On Duty Violation (12)(2)
  • 11 Hr Driving Violation 395.3(a)
  • 60 Hr/7 Day Violation 395.3(b)
  • 70 Hr/8 Day Violation 395.3(b)
  • 14 Hr On Duty Violation 395.3(a)


Since these are automatically calculated for you, you won't be able to turn them off.  


Adding a New Violation

After reviewing the list of violations, you may want to add an additional violation the company tracks.  To do this:

  1. From Setup, locate and click on "Company/DOT Violation" (under Maintain Lookups | Log Checker)
  2. Click on "Add Violation item
  3. Enter Name -- i.e., Sloppy Log
    • Leave "Show in List?" on (unless you don't want to use it yet)
    • Determine whether you consider this violation "Critical"; if so, check the "Is Critical?" checkbox.  Note that the violation won't show up in the "___ Drivers with Critical Violations in the past 45 Days" alert unless this box is checked.  See below for violations we recommend as critical.
    • If Critical, determine the points value and enter
  4. SAVE
  5. View Success Message


What if I want Some of these Off?

You may not track or care about some of these violations.  But since a lot of these are calculated for you (or auto-calculated) you won't be able to turn them off.  The only items you can turn off will be those you've added yourself.  


About Critical Violations

The top recommended Critical Violations to be alerted to include:

  • Hours Driving Since Break
  • Hours On Duty In A Work Week
  • Hours On Duty Since Break

These equate to the 11/14/70 hour violations.


It should be mentioned there is a Log Checker (Hours of Service) Alert that goes along with the Critical Violations.  It can be found on the Home tab or the Hours of Service tab and is called "__ Drivers with Critical Violations in last 45 Days."  You must check the violation as critical first before it will show up in the alert.  


Adding Critical Points

You can select violations for Critical Points calculations.  To do  this:

  1. From "Company/DOT Violation" listing, click on "Edit" for a violation
  2. Check "Is Critical?" (meaning turn on)
    • Enter a number for points (i.e., 5)
  3. SAVE
  4. View Success Message
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