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Other Setup - HOS, General Setup

About Hours of Service vs. Log Checker

We used to call Hours of Service "Log Checker" in our system.  So if you see Log Checker, it's interchangeable with Hours of Service. 


Areas of Setup for Hours of Service

There are two main areas of setup for Hours of Service:

  • Log Checker Lookups
    • Supporting Doc Type Setup
    • Company/DOT Violation Setup
  • Log Checker Info
    • Compliance Notice
    • Log Checker Settings
    • Preferences
    • Fuel Card Schemas

Log Checker Lookups are addressed in this article - "Other Setup - HOS, Setup Lookups."

This article addresses Log Checker Info.


Setting Up Compliance Notices

  1. From Driver Management tab, go to Setup
  2. Locate Compliance Notice (under Maintain Log Checker Info)
  3. You will see two areas:  Compliance Notice For Employees With Violations AND Compliance Notice For Employees Without Violations
    • You can send drivers either letter
    • You can also edit the letter to your liking
  4. To Edit, click the "Edit" button for one of the letters -- i.e., Compliance Notice for Employees With Violations
  5. Make any changes you want.
    • Notice this is a text-based letter.
    • You won't be able to add in a logo here (or other images) or change font colors or add listings or Excel tables 
    • It's a simple text-driven document
  6. SAVE
  7. View Success Message


To See the Letter:

  1. Go to the Reports & Forms Tab
  2. Locate the Compliance Notification report (under Log Checker Reports)
  3. Click on link
  4. Set any parameters you want
  5. Enter @Name and @Date 
    • Example: John Doe (for @Name) and 2/1/2017 (for @Date)
  6. Run Report


View the Letter.  


Setting up Log Checker Settings

  1. From Setup, locate Log Checker Settings (under Maintain Log Checker Info)
  2. You can change any of these settings:
    • Daily Log Start Time:  defaulted to midnight.  
      • Don't change this unless you really know what you're doing.  
      • If you change this and start entering logs, the start time is stuck where you entered it.  
      • You'd have to delete all your logs to reset it.  
    • Calculate Falsifications when Logs are Saved: defaults to "Yes"
    • Hours Available Per Day: default to 8 but some customers change this to 14
    • Missing Log Grace Period: defaulted to 1, meaning 1 day can pass before the log is considered missing
    • Check for Mileage Falsifications: defaulted to Yes, meaning the system will check if the driver appears to have fudged miles (i.e., you can't go 900 miles in a day at 40 mph)
    • Confidence Level: defaulted to 10, meaning 10%.  (we recommend you leave this alone)
    • Duplicate City Names:  defaulted to Allow Specific City Selection (we recommend you leave this alone)
  3. Select Edit to change any settings you think need to change
  4. SAVE
  5. View Success Message


Setup Log Checker Preferences

  1. From Setup, locate Preferences (under Maintain Log Checker Info)
  2. You can change any of these settings:
    • Enable Log Recap Information:  Set to Yes
      • We recommend leaving this on.  Otherwise, the recap at the bottom of the log entry window won't show.
    • Grid in Military Time:  Off by default  
      • If you prefer to view the log grid in military time, turn it on
      • Keep in mind, if you turn it on, all users will be seeing the grid in military time, not just you
    • Default Range of Days for Employee Log Views: 30 Days (default)
      • Some people prefer seeing a smaller window -- i.e., 16 days
    • End Date of Employee Log Range: 0 Days (default)
      • If you were to set this back, you would notice that your log view would also be set back
      • We recommend leaving this at 0
  3. SAVE
  4. View Success Message


Setup Fuel Card Schemas

If you have a fuel card vendor and you know you can get your receipts electronically, it may be possible to have these receipts imported into Encompass for you.  We have established imports for other customers.  It will depend, though, on who you're working with and whether they can give us enough information to help you get this setup.

For E-Log Customers not using Fuel Tax, this is probably NOT something you'd want to pursue.  But for those WITH Fuel Tax, it might be.

To check to see if this is an option for you, you can contact our Support Team and discuss.  Before making that call, though, check with your vendor about getting an electronic file (if you don't already get one).  

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