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Other Setup - Custom Field Headers

About Custom Fields

The Employee Record view has ten additional Custom Fields your users can use at your discretion.  You must set up the labels first (which is what this article is about).  These ten additional fields can be used with Custom Lists and Employee reports.  If you have any intention of being able to analyze the data entered, though we recommend the following:

  • Include a parenthetical remark as to how you want data formatted.  For instance, do you intend to have users enter Yes or No?  Do you need numbers entered with commas or not?  If you're asking for money to be entered, would a user include the "$" when entering the amount?
  • Make labels succinct and obvious.  
  • If you're looking for two values, use two custom fields.  Otherwise, you may have much trouble breaking apart the answers in a spreadsheet or database later on. 
    • If you do want something like a First Name and Last Name in one field, get specific with the users on how you want that.  If one user enters "John Doe" and the other enters "Doe, John," you'll have a lot of trouble breaking those values apart in later listings. 
  • The less and more simple the data entry, the better your results will be to analyze.  
  • Don't use Custom Fields for fields you already have elsewhere.  
    • For instance, you wouldn't use a custom field for Birth Date.  That's already captured with General Information.  


How Custom Fields Look in the Record

Initially, Custom Fields will look like this to a user:



But once the labels are entered and users have been entering data, it could look something like this:



How to Enter Custom Labels

  1. Start with "Setup"
  2. Find Maintain Custom Fields Labels (under Maintain Custom Fields)
  3. Note that there is one area -- Employees.  Click "Edit"
  4. Enter the labels along with parenthetical format clues (if you want)
  5. SAVE
  6. View Success Message


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